Buying and Evaluating a Practice

Are you ready to buy a practice?
Are you considering buying into a practice?
Have you found a situation where you require an objective opinion?
Are you looking but have not yet found an opportunity?

Did you know…?

Taking over practices for sale can often save you years of trying to build a patient base.
"Managed Care" has not changed the demand for good practice opportunities. Sellers
are often as unfamiliar with the methodology of selling their practice as you are with
buying a practice. Most attorneys or accountants have no experience appraising or selling a practice. Most professionals selling their practices have not properly prepared themselves for a sale. Misadvised sellers can unintentionally overestimate the value of their practice.

You may be confidentially seeking to either buy into a practice (where you are employed, about to be employed, or one you have just discovered is available), or you might be considering buying a solo practice that you have found for sale. You would be in a better position to decide to invest thousands of dollars by having the total value of the practice appraised from three points of view. The first is a "quantitative perspective", (financial and statistical analysis). The second, is a "qualitative perspective", (how the practice is actually being conducted). The third, is a comparison to other similar practices and the "intangible" issues which can impact its value. If the practice value is found to be appropriate to the situation, you may also want assistance in negotiating the various aspects of price, terms, introduction, etc.

If you are looking for a practice but have found no opportunities, you may be interested in finding new situations either locally, in your present community, or in another state.
Feel free to fill out the brief contact questionnaire and email the information to me. You can also simply call me and I will discuss your needs. There are no fees associated with your inquiry, and it is kept strictly confidential.

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